18485898_1366211053461227_743025563861474171_nJust recently, Peachtree Academy’s baseball and tennis teams earned state championship titles. The school is extremely proud of the effort and teamwork exhibited by their students, and says that their success comes from excellent coaches and promoting the importance of physical fitness as early as the preschool years.

Research has shown that physical fitness plays a positive role in brain development, and therefore, plays an important role at Peachtree Academy. Peachtree offers extracurricular athletic activities for students as early as elementary school, and younger students often have the opportunity to train and learn from older students.

Field dayIn May, Peachtree Academy held their annual field day which gave students the opportunity to sample various sports. Students participated in a soccer clinic, track and field activities, volleyball, and gymnastics.

Peachtree Academy strives to ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential, whether they are gifted in athletics, theater, music, technology, math, or other academic studies. In all that the school does, they strive to pursue excellence with honor.