Non-profit organization recognized for commitment to “green” initiatives, energy consumption reduction

Chris Brand, president and CEO of FODAC, with one of the newly installed electric point-of-use water heaters. (photo credit: L.A. Dison / Shiny Inc.)

Chris Brand, president and CEO of FODAC, with one of the newly installed electric point-of-use water heaters. (photo credit: L.A. Dison / Shiny Inc.)

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC), a non-profit organization providing over $10 million annually in durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies to those living with disability, was honored by the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC) for its continuing energy consumption reduction program. FODAC received an award at the initiative’s annual recognition event on Wednesday, 12 July 2023 at Three Alliance Center in Atlanta.

“We are grateful for the recognition of FODAC’s long-standing green initiative by the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge,” said Chris Brand, president and CEO of FODAC. “Our repurposing and recycling program has always supplied much of our inventory to supply the needs of our clients, and keeps almost 300 tons of equipment and related parts out of landfills. Over the past year, we have deepened our commitment to the environment with significant upgrades to our facilities that will reduce energy consumption but also operating costs, and free up more money that can go to supporting our mission.”

FODAC’s 64,000 square foot facility was renovated in 2010 – 2011 to maximize handicapped accessibility.  Now the organization is maximizing energy efficiency throughout the facility by replacing outdated systems with state-of-the-art technology. Plans include:

  • Replacing seven split-system HVAC units with fourteen individual thermostats with one high-efficiency HVAC unit with a central, web-based thermostat system that would allow for programming individual zones and regulate temperatures for evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Replace forty halogen display lighting in lobby area with LED PAR lamps.
  • Replace water heater with an electric point-of-use water heater and switch to a seasonal gas rate structure.

Once fully implemented, the green upgrades will reduce annual energy consumption by approximately 20%, and save approximately $40,000 on FODAC’s annual operating budget, funds which can shift to supporting the organization’s mission.

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge is an Atlanta-area, public/private initiative to reduce energy and water consumption by 20% by 2020. This voluntary program utilizes substantive energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades of commercial buildings as a means of fostering new business opportunities and creating more sustainable footprints. The ABBC works to assist building participants achieve their energy and water reduction goals by providing resources, technical assistance, educational sessions, and recognition. The ABBC is led locally by a partnership between City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Resilience, Central Atlanta Progress, Midtown Alliance, Livable Buckhead, and Southface.


Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) continues to help people with injuries and disabilities of all ages regain their mobility, independence and quality of life. The non-profit organization provides more than $10 million annually in refurbished durable medical equipment (DME), such as wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers and patient lifts, and home modifications in Georgia and across the United States, all at little or no cost to the recipients. A pioneer in re-use, FODAC keeps 350 tons of materials out of landfills each year by refurbishing and reissuing over 700 DME items every month, and is recognized nationally for recycling best practices. Most of FODAC’s DME is collected through donations of used equipment; in 2016, FODAC helped 3,040 clients with 6,809 pieces of DME, all at little to no cost for the recipient.

In 2013, Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) appointed FODAC to serve as the statewide distributor of DME and assistive technology in the event of a large population-affecting emergency situation. In this role, FODAC will warehouse the DME and other equipment, then, working with GEMA and the American Red Cross (ARC) of Georgia, will coordinate the delivery and distribution to emergency shelters around the state.

In 2014, FODAC was named to Charities Under 5% Overhead, an organization of charities that have operating overhead of five percent or less.
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