Deon-Cannon1Buying or selling a home is one of the single, most important events in your life because your home may be one of the largest financial assets you possess. As a baby boomer, Deon Cannon knows that having a real estate agent makes these processes easier. For baby boomers and seniors, it is even more important to have a specialized agent on your side, since this event can seriously impact your future.

“Being one of a few in our area who has worked for and received the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Designation shows that I respect older individuals, communicate effectively by listening thoroughly to what you want, ask the right questions, and have a deep desire to learn more about your vision of the future – and I’ve made it a key part of my business to know how best to help you and your family during your upcoming changes,” said Deon Cannon.

There are many real estate agents to choose from in just about every town. With all of the advertising on billboards, television and even in your mailbox, you have to wade through the messages to make the best selection for you.

Who will be able to anticipate your needs? Who is best suited to represent your interests during the process? Who will work with you to navigate through real estate, financial, and legal decisions when purchasing or refinancing your home? Selecting to work with a SRES® ensures that you are working with someone you can trust.

An SRES® is a REALTOR® who has undergone special training to gain the knowledge to counsel 50+ clients through the buying or selling process. These agents can offer the options and information needed to make good decisions about your home; both for now and as you age in place. They will be ready to discuss refinancing, purchasing a new home, and selling a home. An SRES® will recognize your concerns and interests, as you develop your plans to age in place.

Surveys show that the primary motive for people over fifty in selling their current home and looking for another is that they want to downsize. Their home for many years has become a burden to them for any number of reasons. This is often a very stressful time, dealing with moving after spending so many years in their home. And the stress can be felt by any family members involved, including children and grandchildren.

Here are the key benefits from working with an SRES® agent:

  • Listening. An SRES® will actively listen to your needs, desires, and plans.
  • Communication. An SRES® will communicate with his clients to ensure they understand industry terms, housing, legal, and financial options.
  • Information. An SRES® is someone who has invested the time in building a network of ‘go to’ professionals who can help them meet your needs and answer the questions they can’t, including attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, estate planners, moving companies, and builders.
  • Experience. An SRES® is experienced in anticipating the needs of and crafting solutions for people who are 50 and older. They are well versed in market values, financing, universal design elements, and more.
  • Results. An SRES® will keep your requirements and dreams in the forefront as they work alongside you to craft the best possible outcome towards your goals.

These things and more are what make SRES® professionals uniquely qualified to assist you with your real estate planning, purchases, and sales. By choosing an SRES® agent to work with, you can rest assured you have a knowledgeable and experienced professional available to help.

“As an SRES® realtor, my team and I enjoy working with seniors and understand the situations you face. We are fully able to offer guidance and can present all available options so that the outcome suits your needs. Meetings are conducted in a way that makes seniors feel comfortable and encourages you to ask questions. While the amount of information you have to absorb may seem overwhelming, we will never, ever rush you,” said Deon Cannon.

If you feel it’s time to determine the next step, whether you are a baby boomer, senior, or a family member trying to figure it all out, call Deon Cannon Realty at (404) 630-2985. You can put your trust in the SRES® professionals at Deon Cannon Realty – they’re here to serve your real estate needs. Call them today and they’ll begin working with you right now to develop a strong and sensible plan to sell your home or find the one that’s absolutely perfect for you.