Let us take a moment to consider the unsung heroes of a veterinary clinic. This relates to a general practice, specialty practice, and emergency clinic.

veterinary helpWe tend to think of veterinarians as the sole reason a clinic operates the way it does. We think veterinarians schedule to run everything and do all the procedures and treatments. However, a veterinary clinic would not run smoothly without the receptionist, the veterinary technicians, and assistants. They are the lifeblood of the practice and the reason the practice runs smoothly.

The most thankless job in a veterinary practice belongs to the receptionist – the person who greets you upon entering the clinic.

Hopefully the receptionist is still wearing the smile they started with at the beginning of the day. If not, it could be related to why the job is so tough. They are the first line for client’s requests, paperwork, financials, and complaints.

Yes, there are complaints in a practice. The practice is staffed by humans, and we can make mistakes. Also, we are dealing with your beloved pet and emotions will run high.

Please remember the person you are upset with is a person with feelings the next time you need to discuss matters. The receptionist is not your personal punching bag. Also remember, they are the gatekeeper and you should try to stay in their good graces. They usually can be bribed with sweets.

Veterinary technicians and assistants also have tough jobs. They work side-by-side with the veterinarian in the care of your pet. They directly handle your pet, draw the blood, make sure the veterinarian has what they need, and they do the thankless jobs of trimming nails and expressing anal sacs. They help the veterinarian remember all the small quirks of each pet, and they are there to shed a tear when a beloved pet crosses the rainbow bridge.

Of course, this is a very small sample of what is done. It’s too much for the computer memory to discuss all the jobs. A good nurse is an asset to any human doctor, and a good assistant or technician is an asset and a must for any veterinarian. The job of the veterinarian is so much easier, and the care of the pet is so much better because of the work of these unsung heroes.

These hardworking people are driven by the love and compassion they have for your furry loved ones. Next time you are in for an appointment, remember to thank the person that was helping you. It will go a long way toward improving their day.