illegal dumpingEarlier this spring season, the City of Conyers Police Marshal focused efforts on identifying and citing persons responsible for illegal dumping as well as junk vehicles within the city. Nearly twenty individuals have been issued city ordinance citations for the violations in last weeks.

The rear of Conyers Exchange shopping center facing Old McDonough Hwy is a focus of the Marshal’s efforts due to a continuous problem of illegal dumping of old furniture and trash. The Marshal has been able to identify several individuals responsible for unloading items at the location and leaving it in the middle of the parking lot.

“Unfortunately, it is a problem that can begin with just one item tossed in the area then it seems an open invitation to dump more trash around it,” explained City Marshal Lieutenant Clay Ivey. “We have been constantly monitoring the location and have charged several people in the last month.”

The individuals will have to appear in the City of Conyers Municipal Court to face possible fines and fees.

Junk vehicles are also an unsightly problem that can plague neighborhoods if not monitored. An abandoned vehicle is described as one without a valid license plate or one which is otherwise discarded, wrecked, or partially dismantled. Such vehicles will be tagged offering a one week warning before the owner is cited. Vehicles stored under a car cover are allowable.

Also, please note that trash services will not pick up discarded tires, however, residents can take up to four tires per week to the Rockdale County Recycling Center at 1200 Sigman Road.

City of Conyers Ordinances are available at