moving newtonNewton County is preparing for its future by developing a long-range transportation plan and is utilizing input from the community to do so.

The Newton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) will identify the county transportation projects which will improve roadway safety, ease congestion for residents and commuters, and add or increase needed transportation infrastructure and services.

The CTP can be found online at and and by attending an open house hosted by consultants, government officials, and staff. The first public open house will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 2104 Washington Street on Aug. 23.

roadway projectThe county last completed a CTP in 2008 and it runs through 2030. The new CTP will plan through 2040 and will incorporate changes in growth trends, ravel patterns, transportation facilities, and changes in local priorities in transportation needs and funding.

The Newton County CTP will be a document that details:

  •        Existing transportation conditions;
  •        Assessment of transportation needs;
  •        Recommended transportation projects cost estimates and funding sources;
  •        Implementation schedule through 2040; and,
  •        A fiscally-constrained action plan for implementation over the first five years after the adoption of CTP.

In order to complete the CTP, the Newton County Board of Commissioners contracted with AECOM to update the plan. AECOM will be assisted by Newton County Tomorrow in soliciting input from key community leaders and the public. Public involvement is critical to ensure that the updated CTP addresses our community’s most pressing transportation needs. A Technical Committee comprised of elected and appointed officials, county leadership, and state and regional agencies is being created to provide input and to review the plan.

Members of the public are invited to participate in an online survey, found at