20170727-Brubaker-Scholarship-17Clayton State University has announced the recipients of Atlanta Metro Studios’ 2023 James D. Brubaker Film Scholarship. The film industry scholarship was given to these deserving Fulton County High School students and graduates who have expressed a desire and shown the commitment necessary to be a part of the next generation of Georgia’s film industry professionals.

“The James D. Brubaker Film Scholarship offers budding Georgia filmmakers an incredible opportunity to acquire key skills for the film industry through hands on learning. These exceptional and talented students were interviewed from a large group of candidates and selected because of their passion and commitment. They are now realizing their dream and taking the first step toward the goal of entering the film industry. We congratulate these winners and appreciate the generous support of the sponsors who made this happen,” said Glynn Beard, director of Clayton State’s Film and Digital Media Center.

The winners of this year’s scholarship are:

  • Caleb Rollins- Westlake High School
  • Seth Hernandez- Westlake High School
  • Uzziel (Bryce) Roberson- Westlake High School
  • Jekorey Harris- Langston Hughes High School
  • Ugochi Okiyie- Langston Hughes High School

Each student will receive a $2,200 scholarship to cover the cost of completing the Georgia Film Academy Certification through Clayton State University’s Film and Digital Media Center, a partnership with the Governor’s Office to train “below the line” technicians for film and television.

“It’s about the students. It’s about a scholarship that is done in the name of Mr. Brubaker and I think it’s incredibly stellar that the kinds of students we serve—students looking for opportunities, who are hard workers, and who are willing, able and committed to work, are selected to receive scholarships named after a person whose life’s story is based upon the demonstration that hard work and commitment in the film industry will pay off,” said Dr. Tim Hynes, president of Clayton State University. “For our scholarship recipients, for these kind of positions, the American dream is still alive.”

The scholarship is named in honor of filmmaker James D. Brubaker. As one of Hollywood’s top film producers who got his start in film as a driver for John Wayne and Elvis Presley, Brubaker is credited with some of the industry’s highest grossing films, including Gia, The Nutty Professor, Bruce Almighty and Above the Rim.

Designed to give Fulton County’s worthy students an opportunity to be a part of Georgia’s growing film economy, the scholarships commemorate Mr. Brubaker’s more than five-decade long commitment to the film industry as well as to honor his tireless work to promote and mentor aspiring filmmakers throughout his career.

Through Mr. Brubaker’s support, along with Clayton State University President Tim Hynes, Ed Richardson, Brian Livesay and John Rooker of Atlanta Metro Studios, Union City Mayor Vince Williams and Dr. Yalanda Bell, Executive Director of Fulton County Public Schools Career and Technical Education program, these students have an opportunity to get the necessary training to pursue a career in the booming $9.5 billion (fiscal year 2023 to date) Georgia film economy.

“I am honored to have my work recognized in the form of scholarships to train students in the valuable crafts behind the screen. Many people associate films with movie stars without realizing the importance of the names credited at the end of a film — for cinematography, wardrobe, lighting, sound, editing, props, the list goes on,” said James D. Brubaker.  “When a script is locked and we are ready to shoot, it is the men and women in these technical crafts who enable the story to come to life.  I applaud Clayton State University, The Georgia Film Academy and all who have been involved in creating this program for their foresight and recognition that the way to maintain a viable entertainment industry is to assure a pipeline of well trained professionals.”

The James D. Brubaker film scholarship has been made possible through the partnership of Clayton State University’s Film and Digital Media Center with 404 Studio Partners, the City of Union City and the Fulton County Public Schools Career and Technical Education program.