Abbey Hospice in Social Circle needs volunteers to assist in their mission to deliver compassionate care to patients and their families in a setting of the patient’s choice. Hospice volunteers can make a difference in people’s lives while heightening the volunteer’s own sense of values and helping to focus on those things that matter most in life.

Volunteers with Abbey make a difference in many ways! Some choose to help in our office with administrative tasks such as filing, compiling packets, shredding, and folding letters to patients. Other volunteers feel called to help by interacting with patients directly. These volunteers offer company, conversation, and comfort. They can visit with patients, conduct pet therapy, interview patients, play music, assist with nursing home or assisted living activities and much more! Abbey Hospice also has volunteers who help with holiday decorating, special events, and weekly tuck in calls!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there is no set amount of time to volunteer. It’s on your schedule, whenever you’re available. Please consider donating as little as an hour a week to help someone in their time of need.

Hospice is a healthcare choice that offers comfort and dignity to people who have a life-limiting prognosis. To enhance quality of life, hospice focuses on alleviating physical symptoms and providing emotional and spiritual support. Hospice embraces not only the patient, but also family and friends with an interdisciplinary team approach.

If you are dedicated to caring for people in mind, body, and spirit, Abbey Hospice needs you! For more information check out our website, call Rachael at 770-464-5858, or email [email protected].