georgia-military-college-logo-lightGeorgia Military College is proud to announce the reaffirmation and continuation of its accreditation. At its June 15, 2023 Annual Meeting, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges’ (SACSCOC) Board of Trustees made their decision to approve GMC’s reaffirmation for accreditation without any follow-up recommendation for the next ten years. This review process occurs every ten years for institutions of higher education.
The  process is built around a rigorous peer-review process that assesses the quality of all aspects of the institution, from student learning and services to faculty, programs, governance, management, facilities, and finance. This rigorous process helps ensure the fiscal and educational integrity of an institution. Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell IV, President of Georgia Military College, stated, “I am incredibly proud of our faculty and staff.  It is their daily commitment and dedication to the GMC mission that contributes to the quality and integrity of GMC’s programs and services, and ultimately to the success of our students.”
In September of 2016, SACSCOC’s on-site committee spent four days with GMC. Their visiting committee reviewed GMC to determine its compliance with 97 standards. These over-arching standards included: academics, student services, library support, engineering support, and financial requirements. During this four day on-site review, the committee members also visited 6 of the 13 GMC campuses (Milledgeville, Fayetteville, Stone Mountain, Dublin, the Online Campus, and Valdosta). After visiting these campuses and reviewing the 97 standards, the SACSCOC’s visiting committee delivered their results and reported no findings of non-compliance.
The spirit of teamwork and cooperation between departments and campuses is credited with the institution’s overall success. “During the two-year period prior to the on-site committee’s review, faculty, staff, and administrators increased their time and focus on this very important endeavor. I believe that this extra effort resulted in ‘no findings of non-compliance/no further response required’ by the SACSCOC on-site committee—on average, such results only occur for about 20% of the institutions at this point in the review process,” said Dr. Mike Homes, GMC’s Chief Academic Officer and Dean of Faculty. Randy New, GMC’s Chair of the Board of Trustees, echoed this sentiment, “These results are based on the hard work and commitment put forth by the leadership, faculty, and staff at GMC.”
SACSCOC is the regional accrediting body in eleven U.S. Southern states and in Latin America for those institutions of higher education that award associate, baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral degrees.